Zen 1125: Wing suit guy flies into a mountain and just about survives

Remember Jeb Corliss of Grinding the Crack fame? Remember how his mountain scudding activities in a flimsy wing suit looked really, really, really, insanely dangerous? Turns out you were right. Back in January, Jeb flew into Table Mountain in South Africa, but somehow survived despite breaking both legs and a bunch of other bones. Happily, he is unrepentant and will no doubt be back doing lunatic stuff again fairly soon.

Since the accident, a few clips of bootleg footage of the crash have been popping up on You Choob, but nothing that really depicted the full crunch and twang of the first impact, the parachute getting tangled and him hitting the ground like the proverbial half tonne of bricks. Thanks to Timandbarry for finding this gloriously edited HD version.

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