Zen 1101: What SOPA is and why you should hate it with every fibre of your being

You may well have seen a bit of stuff on SOPA knocking about over the last few days and asked yourself: "Why should I give it shit? It's a piece of American legislation. I live a long way away from America. It cannot harm me or my Internet."

If you think this, you are wrong.

In summary, SOPA allows bloated American corporations run by cryptofascists like Rupert Murdoch to throw hand grenades at the Internet until it's in pieces small enough to flush.

What it effectively does is shift responsibility for copyright enforcement from law enforcement to websites and service providers, while extending the power of US law enforcement to attack non-compliers' right to exist in a number of wicked ways, wherever in the world they may be. Effectively, it extends a global licence to doughnut chomping knuckleheads to bully and censor on a hitherto unimaginable scale.

If passed, SOPA could be used to shut down many of the sites that define the Internet today. So if you fancy a world without, say, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Google, where your opinions are copyright controlled by Fox News and Walt Disney and the only fun you can have has to be officially sanctioned by Sony, then here is a good place to start.

For the full list of the companies you should boycott for supporting SOPA, have a look at this list. See it as a sort of rollcall of fuck you.


  1. "If you think this, you are wrong."

    Quite. But the Twitter CEO doesn't get it. Which just reinforces my view that Twitter is shit for shit.

  2. Hmmm. It was a pretty half-hearted effort all round. Seems the internet brotherhood didn't pull together on this one in any sort of convincing way. I reckon most of them reckon it won't make it into law, so if they don't kick up too much of a fuss, it'll fall apart of its own accord. In such ways are monster fuck ups made.

    1. Are you nuts? Message boards fell silent as people were unable to trump an argument quoting Wikipedia.

  3. Yeah, I forgot to take into account the time difference. It was lunchtime before half these American sites blacked out. That's what happens when you let the empire go to rack and ruin.

    At least we've still got India.