Zen 1093: This, apparently, is child poverty

According to a report in yesterday's Newsround, these children are suffering from child poverty. Things are so bad, their family requires food aid. The dad had to shift to a low paid job and the mum had to pack in working completely due to illness. This is not a happy story and they are clearly living in straitened times.

Even so, they've got a fucking Nintendo DS EACH.

They seem like nice kids and things have clearly taken a turn for the worse. But don't tell them they're in poverty. They've got a fucking Nintendo DS EACH. And a dog. And a bloody Sky Plus box.

I bet there's a Sudanese toddler who's planning on sending them his milk powder ration just the minute the Janjaweed have finished murdering his parents and setting fire to his house. Get some fucking perspective people.


  1. Of course it's poverty. Not even a 3DS, let alone a Vita. Poor little bastards.

  2. Holy shit, you're right!

    Stand corrected.