Zen 1086: Nice guy kayaker dude rescues dog, gives sad story a sort of happy ending

This really is a terribly sad story and I might not have blogged it but for the fact that we all love dogs and I, in particular, love Vizsla dogs and in this story the Vizsla dog comes out of it OK. And if the dog's owner were still around, they would probably be heartened by the fact that their beloved pet made it against all the odds.

The kayaker dude in question was out fishing off the coast of Florida and videoing himself for what was presumably intended to be his entry into some sort of world's dullest home video competition. Suddenly, out of right field swims said Vizsla dog, Barney, who is out way too fair and on his last legs. Nice Guy Kayaker Dude rescues him and You Tubes the video with a cheery 'man catches dog while fishing' headline.

It subsequently turns out that Barney and his owner were hit by a drunk driver. His owner, Donna Chen, was killed outright and Barney was pretty badly banged up. Seems that traumatised doggo just ran and ran until he hit the sea and then started swimming. Lucky for him Nice Guy Kayaker Dude was there to pull him out of the drink. I told you it was sad.

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