Zen 1062: Europe veto - it's irrelevant why, there was only ever one option

Lots of fluff in the papers today about David Cameron grovelling to his rabidly Eurosceptic backbenchers in vetoing a new EU treaty designed to save the Euro, thereby sacrificing Britain's place at the top table and forcing us to watch from the sidelines as they stride into a brave new future.

Cameron maintains he was protecting Britain's interests by seeking guarantees that would protect the City, which, like it or not is very important to our future financial health, even if they are largely responsible for fucking everything up in the first place.

Just to recap, the proposal he vetoed was a wholly undemocratic lurch to a federal Europe using existing treaties as the instrument of change, with absolutely no guarantee that it will work. It required a massive and far reaching surrender of sovereignty, the like of which hasn't been seen since the last time Germany marched on Paris.

Frankly, it was a rubbish plan. It really wouldn't have mattered if Cameron vetoed because he believed it was a plot by space aliens. Or because he's a crypto-fascist in league with the Illuminati. Or because he was feeling peaky and just wanted to get off home quickly for a lie down. He had no other choice. The point is moot. The dice were loaded from the start. If you can prove any different, I'll give you a multi-trillion Euro bailout.


  1. Colonisers still trying to colonise. The problem with the Euro experiment is that it was done entirely on trust and with an ideal, happy-clappy "it'll all be lovely in the end" approach. The largesse was exploited by those who never could manage their economies to start with (1m pesetas for a beer? 2m Drachmas? Bargain!)

    Oh, put the fucking boot in on the banks, by all means. Re-structure the economy so it's not entirely skewed towards FS and the City and bring up agriculture and manufacturing, especially infrastructural.

    It's happened, Otter. I overshot my estimate, but mid-way through 40, I have turned Tory. Fuck.


    It's a sign of political maturity that you can see the value of policies from all sides, not just the one your newspaper supports.

    Newspapers. Ha ha ha! Do you remember them?