Zen 510: Borat, my brother, the Romanian Jew

A director from Kazakhstan is planning to hit back at the unlovely picture Sacha Baron Cohen painted of his country by releasing an unofficial sequel to 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan', called 'Borat, my brother'.

The premise is that Borat's brother, Bilo, takes an American journalist called John on an hilarious ride through the real Kazakhstan.

"The original Borat film is a black comedy and we wanted to make the sequel in the same genre," says director Erkin Rakishev, "But in contrast to the original film we are not going to such a low level of toilet humour."

Except for the scene where Bilo gets raped by a donkey.

"If it was Borat's brother who raped the donkey then perhaps it would be considered outrageous, but it is the other way round," says Rakishev.

With such impeccable logic, how can he fail? 'Borat, my brother' will be out on general release next year and Rakishev is hoping Baron Cohen and 20th Century Fox sue his ass to get him some free publicity. SPOILER ALERT. Given that the denoument of the film reveals Borat and Bilo to be not Kazakhs at all, but Jews from Romania, I'm guessing that 'Borat, my brother' is going to confirm more prejudices than it debunks. You decide.

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