Zen 34: Canadahoovian Rock Blog launch

Once upon a time, I knew a Canadahoovian who by day was a social media whizz and journo par excellence, but by night prowled the gig venues and backstages of the land, fraternising with obscure but incredibly cool rockstars and the occasional rockstarlet. (We preferred the stories about the rockstarlets.)

Then, sadly, she went back to Canadahoovia, got married (to a bloke) and took a Serious Job. Now, happily, she's over the Serious Job phase and is back to rawkin'oot with happily much less obscure rockstars (no knews on the rockstarlets just yet, but give it time...) and has launched a new website: The Backstage Rider.

OK, so it's about the Canadian music scene and will probably be about as relevant to you as a tennis racket is to a walrus, but I say All Hail to those who follow their star and full power to her ligging elbow.

And for old time's sake, here's a little information film about Canada, its inhabitants and its wildlife. "The beaver is a truly proud and noble creature."


  1. Umm, it's not just about Canadahoovian bands. In fact, only one band on the page is Canadahoovian, duh. And while they aren't rockstarlets, I do comment on young 18-year-olds in the Sex With Strangers piece. :)

    "Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket..." ;)

  2. "... like the lost catacombs of Egypt only god knows where we stuck it."

    Sweet. I will pay close attention from now on ;)